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As we close out 2019, we’re still highlighting members of our Family Business Forum with an interview series that asks local family-owned businesses what makes them tick and brings them to participate in the forum, held at VCU School of Business and coordinated by The Center for Corporate Education.

To round out the year, we sat down with Joe Kelleher from Kelleher Corporation.

Kelleher family members, photo originated in Boomer Magazine, 2019.

In a few sentences, describe your family business.

Kelleher handles H-VAC, heating oil, plumbing, electrical, and generators for residences in the greater Richmond area. 

What role do you play in your family business?

I currently serve as co-founder, president, and treasurer.

 Why do you participate in the Family Business Forum?

I participate to stay informed and avoid unforeseen but typical family business problems, and to inform future family leaders and outside officers about present circumstances and future possibilities occurring in family businesses through exposure to other’s stories and expertise.

Describe a “lightbulb” moment you’ve had that has helped your family business.

Encouraging my family and other senior staff to participate in the Family Business Forum. Embracing the Rotary four-way test of what we think, say and do to serve our associates and customers: Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Does it promote goodwill and friendships? Does it benefit all concerned? Then empowering our associates to apply this test in their daily activities with customers and each other.

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