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Did you know the CCE offers scholarships to participants interested in enrolling in one of our courses? One of our most recent scholarship recipients, Brenda Hicks, answered a few questions for us about her experience and advice for future participants. For more information on our scholarship program, visit the CCE website.

What is your current career path, and how did you get there?

I am a seasoned director with over 30 years of experience, obtaining my BS in 1983 from MCV and 20 years later, a master’s degree in Public Administration from VCU. I worked over 20 years in various roles as a Registered Health Information Manager and took advantage of many educational opportunities on leadership along the way. I updated and diversified my knowledge by obtaining my MPA in 2003, then decided to pursue a career outside of healthcare by combining the MPA with my transferable skills and successfully transitioned into a director position at a non-profit in the housing sector. I am very grateful to utilize my education and full skillset in a position I have enjoyed being in for over 14 years. I am not certain what is next, but having a lifestyle of continuous learning I am confident and well prepared when opportunities are presented. I have taken the Six Sigma Green Belt and Coaching courses from the Center for Corporate Education at VCU, which are both great learning experiences.

What first made you consider enrolling in a course at the CCE?

I have taken the Six Sigma Green Belt previously and I knew Ann Deaton through another leadership program for which she did an awesome job and knew if I had the opportunity to learn from her again I needed to seize that opportunity.

How was your experience with your specific course?

It was a great experience: a combination of excellent information along with practical application and some fun in a wonderful learning environment at the Business school. Even someone with lots of leadership experience could leave with some golden nuggets of information to increase effectiveness.

What advice would you have for someone considering participating in a CCE course?

Just do it!  It is worth every dollar spent. The educators placed before you are the top in their fields, relevant, well-informed and well-respected.

Describe a “lightbulb” moment you’ve had on your personal career journey.

Every experience whether success or failure equips you for the future and the next level. Don’t be afraid of either.

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