Showing on the Cabell Screen Nov. 5 and Nov. 7- 8

A selection of images capturing scenes at VCU Arts Qatar in honor of the annual Qatar Day, which celebrates VCU’s campus in the Middle East. 

Qatar Day is an annual event at VCU that features art and design projects from the VCUarts campus in Doha, Qatar. It also features traditional aspects of Qatari and Arab culture, such as henna, Arabic calligraphy and traditional Qatari clothing. The event was developed by students to strengthen the relationship between the Richmond and Qatar campuses, and provides Richmond students, faculty and staff with an opportunity to learn more about the VCUarts Qatar campus.

The event is co-sponsored by VCU School of the Arts, the Division of Student AffairsVCU Student Government AssociationUniversity Student Commons & Activities and the Global Education Office.

Qatar Day Power Point contains caption and credit information for images showing on the Cabell Screen. 


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