In response to the huge success of last year’s Black Lives Matter art show, a group of activist artists is reprising the exhibition with new works in 2018 at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond, 1000 Blanton Ave., Richmond, VA 23221.

The Cabell Screen shows selected images of the works on display. The Cabell exhibit runs mornings  a Sunday afternoon screening noon to 7 p.m. Feb. 11. 

The exhibit opened Friday, Feb. 2 with a performance art piece by Larry “L Pos” Davis entitled “America on the Backs of the Enslaved.” Davis appeared in chains as a living element of the painting that he created using a whip on canvas. Also on view was a  video showing the creation of the piece.

Benefiting the national organization, Black Lives Matter, this year’s show was again organized by local artists, including Davis, Shantell Lewis, Evaline Jones, Virginia Tyack, Dare Boles, Anne Wrinn and Jennifer Yane. The exhibition is again being held in conjunction with the First UU’s series of classes entitled “Living the Pledge Workshop” which explores “white privilege” and how to end racism in Richmond. The exhibition is a multicultural showing by area artists to express concern and support for Black lives at risk and subject to unfair discrimination.

For more information about Black Lives Matter.  More about the Living the Pledge Workshop.

The viewing hours for the show at First Unitarian Universalist Church are:

  • Monday – Thursday, 10 am – 4 pm through March 16
  • Saturdays 4 – 8 pm Feb. 17 and March 3
  • Saturdays 10 – 4 pm Feb. 24 and March 10.

Among the 37 artists participating in the show, many have ties to Virginia Commonwealth University. These include:

  • Richard Bargdill, faculty
  • Dare Boles, studied at VCU and has a daughter who is an alumma
  • Keith Michael Brown,  Alumnus
  • Mary Ellen Bushey,  Former faculty
  • Larry “LPos” Davis
  • Constance de Bordenave
  • Cynthia Erdahl, alumna
  • Laura Heyward, alumna
  • Judy Holloway, alumna
  • Mitzi Humphrey, alumna and mother of three graduates
  • Sheryl Humphrey, alumna (at right)
  • Kelly Johnson
  • Evaline Jones, studied at VCU
  • Mary Kent
  • Jennifer Lee,  student
  • Shantell Lewis
  • Teresa Low
  • Shelley Lynn
  • Virginia McLaughlin-Mahone, alumna
  • Ellen Menard
  • Avon Miles, Sr.
  • Sandra Nye Moran
  • Anne Negus, alumna
  • Julie Noyes, daughter is an alumna and a VCU employee
  • Cheryl Phillips, alumna
  • Dorothy Rice
  • Margaret Rittenhouse
  • Gene Toutsi, Faculty and alumnus
  • Virginia Tyack, alumna
  • D’andre Washington
  • Jamie Weinstein
  • Johannah Willsey, spouse is alumna
  • Dennis Winston, Faculty and took courses
  • Kellita Wooten
  • Anne Wrinn, alumna
  • Jennifer Yane, alumna
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