Showing through August.

This spring’s undergraduate visual artists are coming to the Cabell Screen. The undergraduate portion of this spring’s end-of-year exhibitions, titled WORK, was held from March 24–April 9 at The Anderson and featured the curated art of the best and brightest talent in the Bachelor of Fine Arts programs. Produced during the 2016–17 academic year, WORK reflected students’ efforts to connect with viewers through the arts and to transform mediums both traditional and digital.

VCUarts invited Julia Monroe, Co-director of the Reynolds Gallery to jury the show. During her eight years with the Richmond gallery, Monroe, along with her co-director Alice Livingston, has showcased work from the world’s up-and-coming painters, photographers and sculptors.

Students showing work in painting, drawing and photography:

  • Sze Ching
  • Jana Choi
  • Madeline Edwards
  • Monica Escamilla
  • Menley Hunt
  • Caroline Nelson
  • Eun Chung Oh
  • Summer Rezeli
  • Becca Schwartz
  • Yuchen Tian
  • Margaret Vergara (at right)

Students showing video and animations:

  • Austin Aviles
  • Hong Huo
  • Jisoo Shin
  • John Wagner
  • Allison Zigadlo
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