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announcements to start; reports of material changes to follow

Week of June 3

As I moved toward the later volumes, there was far less work to be done as I had cleaned up the template somewhere along the way, and most of the changes were made in one include file, one root level (issue) file and the index file. Of course I will find bits and misses as […]

Week of May 27

Realized that Facebook links from index pages v9 forward needed to be corrected. Backtracked from v11 where I started on Thursday May 30. Found glitches in search and replace paths from K’s earlier efforts that I mended. Realized that the search field on the out-of-issue search/index page had not been updated to the archive. Fixed, […]

Week of May 20

Reporting in on Wednesday after work last week and the past few days. I am up to v10n2. I also added a missing Afterword section in v9n2. I’m now intersecting with issues that K worked on from the other direction. I’m also still making changes that I had not directed K. to make as I […]

Week 16

ThursdayK. continued work on the appendices template. MK worked on early volume link fixes for archives, link to current journal, etc. Finished through v4n1. FridayMK–Completed through v6n2

Week 15

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Week 14

K completed Ruffle pointers on remaining Flash pages. We reviewed the Founders Archive Index page and made revisions to the four Google forms. Discussed possible format for appendix pages with K taking on the task of producing a proof-of-concept in v-appendix, working with a base copy of the v21n3 build. (Sent to MF for […]

Week 12-13

K and I did not meet last week, nor today, but I have been working on the outreach surveys in Google Forms. Edited list of notes sent to our small team appears below. Auto response draft 1 for instructor feedback.Thanks for reaching out to the Blackbird Founders Archive. Your use of our no-cost materials, and […]

Week 7 – Week 11

We fell off of regular reporting with a number of disruptions in the volunteer schedule. Archive Page & Menu ProgressIn short one session was largely devoted to a discussion the presentation and order of information on the Founder’s Archive Page, with the link to all issues in v1-21 begin made larger and floated to the […]

Week 6 Log

Local folders for v3n2-v2n2 were mysteriously empty of content. Copied files back down to R: Realized updates on meta data contributor address was wrongly done as http needed to be changed to https, and www.blackbird-archive needed to be changed to blackbird archive. Corrected and republished v14 and v15 — will work forward on this through […]

Week 5 Log

Tuesday K published updates to previous.html Glitched updated page turned out to be from using .shtml instead of .htmlQuestion of .htm extensions in older issues came up. Answer: that’s what we did back in the day, so lave that url alone aside from making it relative. MK published updates to 16n1, 15n2, v15n1 (w/ this […]

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