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Updated 7/17/2020

Wellness in Action Grant Opportunity 

Burnout is a national health crisis for our workforce and for our patients. There are multiple drivers influencing wellness and engagement including:

  • Workload and job demands
  • Efficiency and resources
  • Meaning in work
  • Culture and values
  • Control and flexibility
  • Social support and community at work
  • Work-life integration

This funding opportunity is for VCU SOM faculty or a research team lead by a VCU SOM faculty member. The grant is to support research for novel ideas to influence these drivers or improve wellness and engagement in the work environment. Budgets up to $1000 will be considered.  Grant awards will need to be spent in accordance with university policy. Please include the description of the intervention, how you will measure success/improvement and how this may be translatable on a larger scale. You may be asked to present a progress report or summary at the next Wellness in Action meeting in September 2020. The Wellness in Action task force will serve as the advisory committee for the grant.

For questions, please contact:
Aimee Grover, MD
Director of Professionalism, Wellness and Engagement
VCU School of Medicine, Office of Faculty Affairs