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2021 Virtual Health Sciences Education Symposium

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March 23-26, 2021
12:00 p.m – 1:00 p.m.
Via Zoom

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The 2021 Virtual Health Sciences Education Symposium celebrated educational scholarship across the continuum of health sciences education. The theme for 2021 was Times of Change: Educational scholarship during major transition. 


Archived Information from the 2021 HSES

The last several months have been both challenging and transformational for trainees, scholars, educators and practitioners in health science education. The results of these transformations not only highlight our ability to adapt and grow, but also reveal our narratives of success. We want to celebrate these! The review committee is seeking proposals on educational scholarship that utilizes innovative and scholarly approaches to address challenges, especially in three topic areas:

  1. Diversity and Inclusion and/or Equity in health sciences education
  2. Online Engagement of health sciences students and trainees
  3. Wellness within health sciences education 

Submissions will be accepted for three presentation formats (additional details forthcoming):

  • Oral Presentation – slide-based, formal presentation delivered in 15 minutes (10 min slides + 5 min Q&A) synchronously online.
  • Spark Session – informal, oral presentation on a recent change or innovation delivered in 5 minutes, synchronously online.
  • Poster Presentation – image-based and asynchronously presented with informal networking Q&A.

Collaborative projects are especially encouraged to submit a proposal.

Program Goals:

  • Share health science educational innovations and scholarship occurring at VCU.
  • Provide a forum for presentation, discussion, and feedback for scholarly work to advance new and ongoing education research.
  • Network with faculty, trainees, and students interested in promoting educational excellence.

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Review Criteria

Submissions will be reviewed according to Glassick’s Criteria for scholarship. Peruse a sample reviewer evaluation form at this link.

Email with questions.


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