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It’s been another outstanding year of academic and service excellence for students at the VCU School of Social Work.

The challenges of learning, leading and excelling during a pandemic are unlike those faced by any other group of students in modern times. Yet our B.S.W., M.S.W. and Ph.D. students showed their resolve and resilience, leaned on one another and a variety of supports and networks when they needed assistance, and continued to meet their obligations as scholars, advocates, researchers, colleagues and future social workers.

We congratulate and honor all our awardees and scholarship recipients, along with recognizing our select faculty and staff award winners!

Spring Awards

Elaine Z. Rothenberg Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Laura Swan, Ph.D. Program
  • Lynne Fetter, M.S.W. Program
  • Savannah Barnett, B.S.W. Program

David N. Saunders Legislative Internship Fund

  • Madeleine Green, M.S.W. Program
  • Sarah Meehan, B.S.W. Program

Radical Alliance for Anti-Racism, Change and Equity (RAACE) Fellow

  • Jennifer Murphy, Ph.D. Program
  • Meghan Mallampati, M.S.W. Program
  • Francesca Spencer, M.S.W. Program
  • Rebecca Davidsson, B.S.W. Program
  • Oscar Kemp, B.S.W. Program, representing the Association of Black Social Workers
  • Ruth Tiguh, B.S.W. Program


Black History in the Making

  • Cieara Battle, M.S.W. Program
  • Phyllis King Carr, M.S.W. Program
  • Oscar Kemp, B.S.W. Program
  • Jerica Thompson, B.S.W. Program
  • Ruth Tiguh, B.S.W. Program
  • Nicole Corley, Ph.D., assistant professor

Details on winners

Field Impact Award

  • Michelle D’Ambra, M.S.W. Program
  • Kalie Owen, M.S.W. Program
  • Julissa Zavala, B.S.W. Program

Social Justice Award

Service & Leadership Award

  • Britney Pitts, Ph.D. Program
  • Cameron Tomlinson, Ph.D. Program
  • Mauricio Yabar, Ph.D. Program
  • Bryana Berry, M.S.W. Program
  • Kaija Craft, M.S.W. Program
  • Meera Doshi, M.S.W. Program
  • Bailee Beverly, B.S.W. Program
  • Grace Conklin, B.S.W. Program
  • Frank Storey, B.S.W. Program

Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship

  • Claire Luce, Ph.D. Program
  • Diana Santos, M.S.W. Program
  • Rebecca Davidsson, B.S.W. Program

Faculty Social Justice Award

Outstanding Staff Award

Fall Scholarships

Adelante Scholarship: Sirviendo la Comunidad Hispana

  • Erick Lainez-Villanueva, M.S.W. Program

Anne Fischer Scholarship Fund in the School of Social Work

  • Bryana Berry, M.S.W. Program
  • Jurica Brown, M.S.W. Program
  • Angelica Gehlich, M.S.W. Program (B.A.’13/H&S)

Campbell Merit Scholarship in Social Work

  • Lindsay Latham, B.S.W. Program

Cesare and Ida Sclarandis Fund

  • Shauntelle Hammonds, B.S.W. Program

Dr. David P. Beverly Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Calvin Bartelle, M.S.W. Program (B.S.W.’17)
  • Kyleigh Hynes, M.S.W. Program

Emmett W. Cocke, Jr. Scholarship

  • Miranda Pax, M.S.W. Program

Fostering Success Scholarship

  • Angelica Gehlich, M.S.W. Program (B.A.’13/H&S)
  • Lindsay Pugh, M.S.W. Program

Frank and Patricia Baskind Gift-Giving Scholarship for Students with Special Needs

  • Anna Harris, B.S.W. Program
  • Oscar Kemp, B.S.W. Program

Gaye Shinall Jones Merit Scholarship in Social Work

  • Alys Agustin, B.S.W. Program
  • Meghan Beckman, B.S.W. Program

Dr. Grace E. Harris Merit Scholarship

  • Amber Adams, B.S.W. Program
  • Gabriela Vazquez, B.S.W. Program

Hans S. Falck Scholarship

  • Leah Bouchard, Ph.D. Program

Hatcher Merit Scholarship

  • Trinity Gillison, B.S.W. Program

Hurtado Family Endowed Scholarship

  • Grace Conklin, B.S.W. Program

Joanne Kerbs Caramanica Scholarship

  • Elizabeth Becker, M.S.W. Program
  • Elise Strange, M.S.W. Program

Judy M. Thomas “Dr. T” B.S.W. Scholarship

  • Rebecca Davidsson, B.S.W. Program

Katharine McCardell Webb Merit Scholarship Fund

  • Natalie Dunn, B.S.W. Program

Kimberly K. Giancaspro Scholarship

  • Genesis Anderson, M.S.W. Program (B.S.W.’19)

Martin S. Schwartz Scholarship

  • Koren Satchell, M.S.W. Program

Mel C. Whipple Scholarship

  • Kayla Burfoot, M.S.W. Program

Pamela B. Nystrom Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • Cedricka Alexander, B.S.W. Program

Rachel Wilkerson Memorial Scholarship

  • Ashley Staton, M.S.W. Program (B.S.’14/H&S)

Rick and Brenda Faulkner Scholarship

  • Jennifer Leftwich, M.S.W. Program

Rita Schleuter Memorial Scholarship in Social Work

  • Monita Green, B.S.W. Program

Robin M. McKinney Dissertation Honor Fund Scholarship

Social Work Administration, Planning and Policy Practice Scholarship Fund

  • Kaija Craft, M.S.W. Program
  • Courtney Reece, M.S.W. Program
  • Elizabeth Sirney, M.S.W. Program

Thomas Carlton Memorial Fund

  • Devon VanBuskirk, M.S.W. Program

Virginia Council on Social Welfare Scholarship

  • Kristina Houghton, B.S.W. Program
  • Audrey Saggese, B.S.W. Program

William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Social Workers in Aging

  • Roseanne Ross, M.S.W. Program (B.S.W.’17)
  • Ashley Staton, M.S.W. Program (B.S.’14/H&S)
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