Dear VCU faculty,

Virginia Commonwealth University is dedicated to the true mission of public higher education: to create opportunities for every student who wants to earn a degree. VCU’s faculty personifies our mission to advance knowledge and student success, and we are grateful for the uncommon talent and dedication of our faculty members who excel as teachers, researchers, creative scholars and clinicians, and distinguish themselves in scholarship and service every day.   

Accordingly, I am honored to issue our annual call for nominations for the Distinguished Faculty Awards Program. The seven award categories are:

  • Distinguished Teaching Award 
  • Distinguished Scholarship Award
  • Distinguished Service Award 
  • Outstanding Early Career Faculty Award 
  • Outstanding Term Faculty Award 
  • Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award 
  • University Award of Excellence 

The deadline for nominations is March 15, 2024. You can view the full timeline, criteria, and instructions for your nominations on the Distinguished Faculty Awards website

Recipients will be honored by the university in fall 2024.

Our professors are at the heart of VCU’s commitment to put the needs of our students first and support their success. Thank you for taking the time to consider nominating your colleagues for the University’s Distinguished Faculty Awards Program.    


Mangala Subramaniam
Senior vice provost for faculty affairs

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