In April 2020, VCU established temporary flexibility for approving tenure clock extensions of up to one year for faculty members impacted by COVID-19. We are immensely grateful for the hard work and dedication of our faculty during that tumultuous and uncertain time. We are also glad the university was able to offer support for those whose tenure progress was negatively impacted during the height of the pandemic.

Beginning March 1, 2024, VCU will return to reviewing requests for tenure timeline extensions in accordance with the Faculty Promotion and Tenure Policies and Procedures (Section 3.2.2), which does not include specific provisions for extensions related to COVID-19.

Faculty members who are not already being considered for promotion or tenure during the 2023-24 cycle can still request COVID-19 related clock extensions prior to March 1, 2024. Please note that COVID-19 related tenure clock extensions cannot be granted on or after March 1, 2024. 

Should you have any questions regarding COVID-19 related illnesses or long-term effects, you can as an employee request reasonable accommodations through VCU’s Accessibility and ADA Services office.

The COVID years were difficult for our community, and we remain deeply grateful for the hard work and dedication of our incredible faculty, which allowed us to continue educating our students at the highest levels despite unprecedented challenges.

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