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No VCU shuttle, RamRide service on Election Day

In observance of Election Day, on Tuesday, November 3, RamRide will not provide service to the A, I, M, or R Lots. Additionally, the VCU cross-campus shuttle will not be in operation during this time. On Nov. 3, I Lot and Coliseum Deck subscribers who need to park may utilize Eighth St. Deck. A Lot subscribers […]

RamRide not in service on Labor Day; alternate parking available

In observance of Labor Day, on Monday, September 7, RamRide will not provide service to the A, I, M, or R Lots. On Monday, A Lot, I Lot, and Coliseum Deck subscribers who need to park may utilize Eighth St. Deck or N Deck. A Lot subscribers, if preferred, may continue to park A Lot. R Lot and M Lot subscribers should park […]

VCU temporary cross-campus shuttle launches Aug. 14

In efforts to help supplement GRTC ridership and support VCU community members traveling cross-campus with increased safety concerns, VCU Parking and Transportation will launch a temporary express shuttle on Friday, August 14. Buses will travel to designated stops at Cabell Library, One Capitol Square and McGuire Hall. Students and employees can ride by presenting a […]

I Lot shuttle resumes Aug. 10; temp. parking arrangements expire

On Monday, August 10, the I Lot shuttle will resume service as normal. The temporary parking accommodations currently in place for I Lot and Coliseum Deck subscribers in Eighth St. Deck will expire at this time.  Beginning on August 10, I Lot buses will operate at fifty percent capacity, accepting between 14 to 16 passengers on […]

RamSafe service begins Aug. 1

RamSafe service will resume on Saturday, August 1 at 5 p.m. The service will continue to operate from 5 p.m. until 8 a.m. daily and remains available to all VCU and VCU Health System students and employees. RamSafe will travel cross-campus, beginning at midnight. COVID-19 safety measures To help mitigate the spread of infection, we are […]

RamRide not in service on July 3

In observance of Independence Day, on Friday, July 3, RamRide will not provide service to the A, M or R Lots. A Lot subscribers can park in Eighth St. Deck, N Deck or continue to park in A Lot, if preferred R Lot and M Lot subscribers who need to park should park in D Deck. […]

Temporary parking arrangements expire on MCV Campus on June 10

A, M, R Lot subscribers Beginning on Thursday, June 11, some members of the VCU community will start to return to campus. When this occurs, the temporary parking arrangements currently in place for A, M and R Lot subscribers will expire. On Thursday, June 11, all M Lot, R Lot and A Lot parking subscribers […]

RamRide to discontinue service beg. tonight; alternate parking available

In light of the recent COVID situation, we will be suspending RamRide service at 11:59 p.m. tonight. Impacted subscribers will be able to park in a more proximate parking facility during this time.  Starting Friday, March 20, A, I, M and R Lot subscribers should park in the following alternate locations: M/R Lot subscribers should […]

RamRide and COVID-19

As VCU monitors the spread of COVID-19 across the region, VCU Parking and Transportation remains committed to doing our part to protect the VCU community. The health and safety of our passengers has always been our top priority, and we have established cleaning procedures in place to prevent the spread of such diseases. Additionally, we remain […]

RamRide Delays Likely 2/13 During Right to Life March

On Thursday, February 13, E. Broad Street will be closed from 9th St. to 14th St. during the Right to Life March. A Lot and M/R Lot RamRide buses will be required to deviate from their normal route from noon to 3 p.m. Delays to service are probable during this time. The CHoR stop on […]

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