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The buses are here! New RamRide buses in service April 12

It is with great excitement that we announce the arrival of our new RamRide buses. Twelve new, 37-seat low-floor transit-style buses will be incorporated into the RamRide fleet on Monday, April 12. The new fleet will be distributed across each RamRide route, accepting 18 riders per bus. To further supplement physical distancing efforts, the existing […]

Friday, Feb. 19 parking/transportation impacts

Due to the inclement weather, A Lot, M Lot, R Lot, and O Lot will be closed on tomorrow, Feb. 19, and RamRide service will be unavailable at these locations.   On Friday, Feb. 19, A/O/R/M Lot subscribers should park in the following locations: A Lot subscribers should park in Eighth St. Deck or N Deck. If preferred, subscribers can continue […]

Thursday, Feb. 18 parking/transportation impacts

Parking The M Lot, R Lot, and O Lot will close, and RamRide service will be unavailable at these locations. On Thursday, Feb. 18, M/R/O Lot subscribers should park in the following locations: O Lot subscribers should park in Eighth St. Deck R Lot subscribers should park in Eighth St. Deck or N Deck M Lot subscribers should park […]

Feb. 12- M/R Lot subscribers should park in D Deck, beg. at noon

Due to the icy conditions expected later this evening, beginning at noon today, M/R Lot subscribers should park in D Deck. Transportation service from the M/R Lots to the hospital will not be provided beyond this time. Any subscriber that is currently parked in the M/R Lots will still be able to retrieve their vehicle, as […]

RamRide holiday impacts & alt. parking arrangements

In observance of VCU’s winter closing, RamRide service will be suspended from Monday, Dec. 21 through Friday, Jan. 1. Alternate parking arrangements:From Dec. 21, 2020, through Jan. 1, 2021, subscribers should park in the following alternate parking locations: M/R Lot subscribers should park on D Deck. I Lot and Coliseum Deck subscribers should park on N Deck or Eighth St. Deck. A Lot subscribers may park […]

VCU cross-campus shuttle suspends service on Nov. 25

The VCU cross-campus shuttle will operate through November 25, 2020. The shuttle will resume with limited service for the spring 2021 semester on January 25 and will operate Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m, through May 14. To accommodate the reduced service hours, students and employees may contact RamSafe for cross-campus rides during the hours of 5 p.m. to 8 a.m., […]

RamRide Thanksgiving impacts & closures

In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, RamRide service will be briefly suspended, starting on Wednesday, Nov. 25. Please note, service disruptions will impact the M, R, A and I Lots on different dates. M/R Lot subscribers should park on D Deck from Nov. 25-27, as these shuttles will not be in service. Shuttles for A Lot and I […]

No VCU shuttle, RamRide service on Election Day

In observance of Election Day, on Tuesday, November 3, RamRide will not provide service to the A, I, M, or R Lots. Additionally, the VCU cross-campus shuttle will not be in operation during this time. On Nov. 3, I Lot and Coliseum Deck subscribers who need to park may utilize Eighth St. Deck. A Lot subscribers […]

RamRide not in service on Labor Day; alternate parking available

In observance of Labor Day, on Monday, September 7, RamRide will not provide service to the A, I, M, or R Lots. On Monday, A Lot, I Lot, and Coliseum Deck subscribers who need to park may utilize Eighth St. Deck or N Deck. A Lot subscribers, if preferred, may continue to park A Lot. R Lot and M Lot subscribers should park […]

VCU temporary cross-campus shuttle launches Aug. 14

In efforts to help supplement GRTC ridership and support VCU community members traveling cross-campus with increased safety concerns, VCU Parking and Transportation will launch a temporary express shuttle on Friday, August 14. Buses will travel to designated stops at Cabell Library, One Capitol Square and McGuire Hall. Students and employees can ride by presenting a […]

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