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Please be mindful of the following important updates regarding parking rates and EV charging fees for the upcoming year.

Parking Permit Rates

We have submitted a request for a one percent rate increase in parking fees to the Board of Visitors, which is scheduled for discussion on June 28. Considering the proximity of this date to the start of the new fiscal year, if the parking rate increase receives approval, it will be implemented on January 1, 2024.

Pending approval, standard employee permits will increase by an additional $1 per month. Rates for daily permits, visitor rates, and special event rates will remain unchanged. You can find the proposed rates for your permit type here.

As a reminder, VCU Health System has implemented a 50% parking subsidy for eligible parking subscribers who pay for parking on the VCU Medical Center downtown campus (MCV Campus), downtown Richmond business locations or VCU Health locations on the VCU Monroe Park Campus. Eligible subscribers only pay half of the parking rate of their assigned location and the health system covers the other half.

EV Charging Fee

Effective July 1, 2023, there will be a usage fee for utilizing EV charging stations on campus. The fee structure will consist of $1 per hour plus $0.10 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumed during the charging process. Once a vehicle reaches full charge, a fee of $2 per hour will be applied for each idle hour. These rates align with other Virginia universities and local establishments and will help meet the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure on VCU’s campuses.

Improvements and Investments

VCU Parking and Transportation operates as a self-sustaining auxiliary unit. In addition to upkeeping existing operations (transportation, security, administration, etc.), the percentage increase will contribute to the following initiatives that align with our commitment to enhancing parking facilities and services:

  1. Additional Maintenance:  We are addressing structural repairs identified in the 2019 deck assessments for Henry St. Deck-East/West and Laurel St. Deck. Additionally, we have planned elevator upgrades for several decks.
  2. LED Lighting: We are investing in energy-efficient LED lighting for our parking decks as part of our commitment to enhancing sustainability and safety. LED lighting has already been installed in West Main St. Deck and Bowe St. Deck. We have plans to install LED lighting in Eighth St. Deck this summer, followed by N Deck and D Deck.
  3. Cameras: A comprehensive camera installation plan is underway for VCU’s 12 parking decks. New cameras have been successfully installed in West Main St. Deck, Eighth St. Deck, Jefferson St. Deck, Bowe St. Deck, and Henry St. Deck-West, ensuring visual access to drive lanes and vehicles across all deck levels. The installation process will soon extend to Henry St. Deck-East and W. Cary St. Deck.
  4. EV Charging Stations: To meet the growing demand, we are expanding the availability of EV charging stations across campus. Recent installations include the West Broad Street Deck, N Deck, and, soon, I Deck. The fees collected from EV charging will support the acquisition of additional stations to serve the increasing number of users and charging sessions.

Details on New Rate Structure

The EV charging fee will be effective starting July 1, 2023. If the increase request is approved, we will issue a reminder later this fall. For more information about parking fees, please refer to our online FAQs.

We appreciate your continued support and are committed to providing a safe and reliable parking and transportation experience. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us via email at

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