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As VCU monitors the spread of COVID-19 across the region, VCU Parking and Transportation remains committed to doing our part to protect the VCU community. The health and safety of our passengers has always been our top priority, and we have established cleaning procedures in place to prevent the spread of such diseases. Additionally, we remain in close conversation with our RamRide vendor, RMA Worldwide, to ensure they are taking reasonable precautions to address the risk on our RamRide and RamSafe buses. 

The following preventative measures are currently in place:

  • RamRide buses are mopped and disinfected with a bleach application daily.
  • Drivers are provided with disinfectant wipes so that high traffic areas and hard surfaces can be wiped down regularly.
  • Nose and mouth covering masks are assigned to drivers daily to use, if preferred. 
  • Hand sanitizer has been placed at the front entrance of the buses and is being made available to all passengers.
  • While en route with passengers, all efforts will be made to allow as much fresh air as possible into the bus.

If you have concerns regarding these cleaning procedures or observe a bus that needs attention, we urge you to alert the driver or email right away so that it can be addressed.

In the meantime, we encourage you to remain informed and follow recommended guidelines. VCU’s COVID-19 site is updated at least once a day and includes the latest university actions, information, and recommendations. VCU Health also maintains a COVID-19 website that includes frequently asked questions and additional resources. 

Information regarding the steps GRTC is taking to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 can be found at

We will continue to be vigilant in our actions to ensure the safe transport of our passengers and will notify you of any updates as needed. 


E. Scott Merriman

Transportation and Fleet Manager

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