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Installation of the new T2 system is moving along and on schedule! We are so happy to report that on this past Thursday, August 6th, another deck went live–the Laurel Street side entrance of the West Main Street Deck. This is big news in P&T, as it marks the first visitor deck to go live thus far! Remember, the Laurel Street Deck  officially lowered its gates on July 24, but this facility is permit only.

For those who may not know, West Main Street Deck used to have attendant booths at each entrance to accept payment upon exiting. Now, everything will be automated. Subscribers will be able to use their credentials to enter and non-credentialed students, staff and/or visitors will be able to take a ticket upon entry and make payment either at one of the convenient pay stations located in the interior of the deck or in the exit lanes. Remember, credit/cash is accepted at the interior pay stations and credit is only accepted in the exit lanes.

Take a look at some of the new system features:

Credentials Verifier (for validated tickets) 20150805_090905                                                         Exit pay station  20150805_094540

Here’s the P&T team completing a training session at West Main:


The West Broad Street Deck will begin testing soon. Many of the exit verifiers and interior pay stations have already been installed. The Harrison Street entrance remains closed due to additional installation, but it looks like we may be nearing a “go live” date in the coming weeks. Stay tuned…

There is also exciting news from the West Cary Street Deck. Testing for this facility begins next Monday!

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