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We are happy to report that installation is moving along on schedule at the Laurel, Henry, Main and West Broad Street Parking Decks.

Laurel Street Deck

Gates were lowered at the Laurel Street Deck at 6am on Friday, June 25. This marks the first deck to go T2 live! Faculty/staff noted that they enjoyed the efficiency of the new system and look forward to utilizing all of the new online flexibility that they now have. Take a look at our go-live day:

20150724_095644 20150724_101146

Just in case anyone had any trouble with the equipment, we had a friendly P&T team member on-site.


Henry Street Deck

Installation has also been completed at the Henry Street Deck; however, testing still continues. We should be going live soon!

Main Street Deck

All of the four lanes on the Laurel Street entrance have been set up and configured. The attendant booths at the Cherry Street entrance will be removed on Monday.

Check out the progress here:

20150714_122433 20150714_122443 20150714_122451 20150714_122509 20150724_11180920150724_111746

West Broad Street Deck

All four lanes on Shafer Street have been installed and wiring and configuration will begin shortly.

20150722_113233 20150722_11295720150722_11300320150722_113609



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