Springtime is the season of public relations and communications awards. These honors were received in spring 2018, for work done in 2017-18.

  • Academic Library Advancement and Development Network — a professional network of academic library fundraising professionals — announced its Communications Competition winners at its May conference. VCU Libraries received an award in the Stewardship Materials category for a holiday card. The card was mailed to donors from the University Librarian’s office. The laser cut card featured a detachable snowflake ornament with Rams horns embellishments and was designed by Innovative Media Head Eric Johnson. The handcrafted cards were manufactured in The Workshop under the supervision of Antonia Vassar and LaJuan Neal and Johnson.
  • The American Library Association’s 2018 PR Xchange Award Winners had 411 submissions. VCU Libraries received one award in the category of Bibliographies/Booklists/Materials promoting Collections, Services, Resources for the Social Welfare History Image Portal. Alice Campbell is the project manager and the team that built the portal includes  Head of Digital Engagement Erin White, Web Designer Todd Easter, Web Applications Engineer Cody Whitby and Graduate Research Assistant Catherine Paul.
  • Also in May, the Virginia Public Relations Society honored two VCU Libraries projects. The 2017-18 Year in Review magazine, “Epicenter” was honored in the publications category. And the #VetYourSources social media campaign organized by Laura W. Garpiey and Sue Robinson won an award in the social media category.
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