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Blackboard SaaS Migration – Extended until 11AM Sunday, December 22

We are working with engineers at both Blackboard and VCU and hope to get issues fixed before the final deadline of 11AM tomorrow morning (Sunday, December 22), if not sooner. Thanks again for all your patience as we work through this large conversion and all the many nuances that go along with the 20-year-old system.

Blackboard SaaS Migration – Extended until midnight

The migration from Blackboard Managed Hosting to Blackboard SaaS is taking longer than expected and will need to be extended until 12:00 AM, Sunday. Apologies for the delay but this 4-hour extension (beyond the original 8PM handoff) is necessary to ensure optimal configuration under the new environment. Thank you for your patience! Blackboard@VCU

Planned Blackboard Maintenance – starting December 19th at 8AM

Blackboard will be down, starting at 8AM Thursday (December 19th, 2019) until 8PM on Saturday (December 21st, 2019) More Information can be found on our Blackboard SaaS migration page. Thank you for your patience!

Kaltura Captioning Update (REACH v2)

A recent update to Kaltura Mediaspace has introduced a new easier-to-use interface for requesting ASR / machine-based closed captioning for your Kaltura videos. Kaltura refers to this update as REACH v2. This new interface also includes an upgraded editor that allows for editing captions inside of MediaSpace as opposed to the old one that was […]

End of Semester Email to Blackboard Faculty – Fall 2019

Greetings Blackboard Faculty, We hope your Fall 2019 is finishing out nicely and Learning Systems would like to extend a heartfelt Happy Holidays. Here are some reminders of events, Blackboard system updates, and procedures that we’d like you to be aware of while you’re finishing out the Fall 2019 term. Also notice that you still […]

Echo360 experiencing Alternate Login page issues

Echo360 (echo360.org) is experiencing a disruption with its alternative login page for EMEA customers. This appears to be affecting us as well. Learning Systems opened a ticket with the vendor a couple of hours ago and we’re waiting for a response. Until then, please keep an eye on status.echo360.com

Blackboard SaaS Migration – December 19, 2019 at 8am to December 21, 2019 at 8pm

More information about the move to Blackboard SaaS can be found here: Blackboard Migration – December 19th, 2019

Faculty Preferences when Teaching with Technology Survey

VCU Faculty, The Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence (CTLE), Academic Technologies, ALTlab and Online@VCU are conducting a research study to explore faculty perceptions of teaching with technology. This study will help inform further development of existing technology tools and applications, as well as to determine whether our current technology and faculty development practices are […]

Kaltura Service Alert – Resolved

Resolved – The issue was resolved following the fixes that were deployed at Sep 26, 13:29 UTC.  Our technical teams have looked into the issue and marked it as resolved. ———————————————————————————————————- Kaltura is currently experiencing some uploading issues to MediaSpace. We will monitor this issue and update you once there is a resolution. See Kaltura posted […]

Blackboard Faculty – Welcome to Fall 2019!

We’re moving to Blackboard SaaS (not Ultra) on December 19th Just a reminder that Learning Systems will be working with Blackboard on some infrastructure changes around the holidays. There are some major advantages to doing this, including NO MORE UPGRADE OUTAGES! More information about what to expect on December 19th can be found here. TEA […]

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