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We’re moving to Blackboard SaaS (not Ultra) on December 19th

Just a reminder that Learning Systems will be working with Blackboard on some infrastructure changes around the holidays. There are some major advantages to doing this, including NO MORE UPGRADE OUTAGES!
More information about what to expect on December 19th can be found here.

TEA (Teaching Excellence Academy) sessions

Our continued partnership with the CTLE has really helped us to step up our training efforts on systems we support; like Blackboard, Voicethread, and Kaltura. We’re happy to report that more TEA sessions are happening this Fall! Thank you for all your wonderful feedback.

LinkedIn Learning

The IT Support Center has provided a new website (lil.vcu.edu) where instructors can go to learn about the switch from Lynda to LinkedIn Learning. Your previous Linda.com viewing history, course completions, playlists, and other data has been migrated to the new LinkedIn Learning platform. The LinkedIn Learning integration is now available in Blackboard. Old Lynda.com links will redirect for a time in your Blackboard courses, through the end of 2019. This should give instructors sufficient time to prepare courses with new links for Spring 2020.

Teaching with Technology Showcases

Learning Systems will be partnering this Fall with AltLab / Online@VCU in a Teaching with Technology Showcase, starting September 10th. More information can be found on the AltLab web site.

Making your 2019 Fall course(s) available for students

All courses are automatically set to “unavailable” when you first create them.  Courses that are unavailable are not visible to students in the course. To set your course to be available for students, follow these steps: Make A Course Available.


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