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Mobile – Mobile Offline Support

Production Environment Availability: 4/20/2024

The Mobile offline mode feature option is available to admin allowing students to sync course content to view as read-only when offline. Note: As instructors develop course content, it is essential to carefully consider the origin of visual elements or links associated with the material. This feature provides users increased flexibility, productivity, and improved experiences in various scenarios where internet connectivity may be unreliable or unavailable.

For more information about the student mobile view, see the Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 7.0) and the Canvas Student Release Notes (Android 7.0).

New Quizzes – Item Analysis Report Additional Data

Production Environment Availability: 4/20/204

The following data is added to the Item Analysis report:

  • Essay and File Upload- Score distribution chart, CSV support
  • Numeric-Answer Frequency Summary, Aggregation and CSV support

This update provides additional information on specific question types for instructors to evaluate student responses and provide appropriate intervention.

Raw Points and Percentages on the Moderate Page

On the New Quizzes Moderate page, a configure icon is added allowing instructors to switch between percentages and raw points in the score display column. This feature improves reporting flexibility and grading system alignment. To switch between percentages and raw points in the score column, click the Configure icon.

View Log Question Position

In New Quizzes the Moderation page View Log includes the question position of the answered question. This update allows instructors to easily verify the question position as students complete quizzes. In the View Log of a New Quiz, the question position or question number displays.

Gradebook – Message Students Who Total Columns

Production Environment Availability: 4/24/2024

In the Gradebook, the Message Students Who option is available in the Total column. Instructors can message students with a total grade higher than a specific grade or message students with a total lower than a specific grade. This update provides additional messaging opportunities not specific to an individual assignment. In the Total column, select the Message Students Who link.

In the For Students Who drop down menu, select the Total grade higher than or Total grade lower than option [1]. Then enter the desired grade [2] and compose the message [3].

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