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We received the following alert from Blackboard

Bulletin/Advisory Information: The Blackboard SafeAssign service continues to experience delays in returning Originality Reports and results to end users. We understand the impact that these delays have had on users and apologize for the poor performance of the system during this time.

The root cause of the delays continues to be that the SafeAssign service is receiving significantly more document submissions from Blackboard Learn customers than it can process. This is typically seen during end-of-year activities when many Assignments and student submissions are due.

We are working diligently to reduce and potentially eliminate the possibility of document processing delays in the future with the following actions:

  • Moving components of the SafeAssign service to Amazon’s AWS infrastructure – this will unlock benefits of SaaS and IaaS such as elasticity and scalability that are not available in the current infrastructure.
  • Creating adaptive hardware/infrastructure scaling policies that align to weekly and monthly usage patterns – this will allow SafeAssign to meet customer submission volume and demand more efficiently

Once implemented, these changes should result in a significant increase in the service’s ability to adapt to customer demand. We are targeting completion of this work for mid-2017.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve the product to meet your needs.

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