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Media Support Services and Learning Systems have been investigating to determine the cause of a change in the behavior of the Application Programming Interface (API). We have identified a change in status feedback from the API for whether or not an appliance is “idle” or not.  Starting and stopping from the Crestron panel results in a continuous status of “stopping” when the appliance is actually “idle”.

Crestron Touch Panels are installed in SOM, SOD, SOP, SON, and ALC departments.

Media Support services is working with the code developer to debug and modify the API calls, while Learning Systems continues working with the Echo360 development team to establish a hotfix as soon as possible.  We hope to have a solution by early next week, but will keep you informed as our work on this progresses.

If you need assistance with capturing echoes, please contact your Echo Department Administrator or send an email to echo360@vcu.edu.

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