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Entertainment powered by alumni producer

Jennifer Osaki (B.F.A.’17/A) is a New York-based video producer for Thrillist, an online media website covering food, drink, travel and entertainment. She recently took over the VCU Alumni Instagram account to show us the latest trends and stories from around the world.

Design expert Amir Berbić named dean of VCUarts in Qatar

Amir Berbic, a design expert who has worked in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, has been appointed dean of the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar, effective Aug. 1.

David Ashton’s retro-cool ballpark changed baseball forever

David Ashton delivered designs for a baseball stadium so unique that franchise owners around the country were soon clamoring for one just like it.

The art of the unraveled

Heidi Hooper (B.F.A.’81/A) was a metalsmith working and teaching classes in the late ’90s in Boston before a cancerous tumor destroyed the strength of her right arm. She searched for a way she could still create but even working with material such as soft clay was painful. “In order to keep from getting too depressed, each day I gave myself something new to try, whether it was artistic or just cooking an egg,” Hooper says. This experimentation led her to the artistic medium that has made her famous: dryer lint.

Designer. Podcast host. Sketch artist. One alumnus finds three artistic outlets for his creativity.

Minki Kim (B.F.A.'99/A), a New York based design director at Marriott International takes over the VCU Alumni Instagram account Monday!

Connective tissue

Morgan Yacoe (B.F.A.’11/A) a conceptual artist and educator who is trained in sculpture and medical science, is dedicated to investigating the relationship between art and medicine.

Refined movement

In the days leading up to Karar Dance Co.’s October production, “Across Disciplines,” 24-year-old Kara Robertson (B.F.A.’16/A), the company’s artistic director, doesn’t seem anxious at all. She’s focused.

Working (successfully) in mixed media: Arts alumna isn’t defined by a single form of expression

Multitalented artist and writer Christine Stoddard (B.A.’12/A; B.A.’12/H&S; Cert.’12/B) will be taking over our Instagram account this Monday.

PAINTING THE TOWN: Female-focused murals help VCU alumna build an enthusiastic following

When Emily Herr (B.F.A.’13/A) was a student at the Henrico High School Center for the Arts, she routinely submitted her drawings to class critiques. A common suggestion was to make what she’d drawn bigger — that her work seemed to be bursting at the form, begging for a larger canvas. Eventually, Herr decided that sounded like fun. […]

Alumna’s novel, featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, follows a 16-year-old who fakes her way through gay conversion therapy and discovers a sense of self

Michele Young-Stone (B.A.’92/H&S; M.T.’95/E; M.F.A.’05/A)  could not have known it at the time, but the inspiration for her third novel came from a beach trip she took more than 30 years ago. “I was 16. My best friend and I went on vacation to the Outer Banks and we met these boys from Minnesota who were […]

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