by Ryan Brown

Left to right: Stephanie Chin, Ryan Brown, Emma Nolan, Trey Hall, Charity Hunter and Amanda Walters.

The Grad Endodontic Practice is coming off another fantastic year! We increased our molar endo and the total amount of patients 3-5% from the last fiscal year. The staff and residents are fully committed and driven to keep the practice growing and we are excited to see where we can go in the future.

Staff is consistent and strong. Stephanie, Trey and Emma, our full time assistants, carry the load of assisting eight residents and keeping the clinic stocked and ready for any emergencies that may come in. (Emma is expecting her first child, a daughter, in May. So we are very happy and excited for her!)

The Urgent Care Clinic is going strong. Charity Hunter has continued to show great strengths in organization and the ability to get students to go above and beyond. We have four to five students per week now, which allows us to see emergencies and screen new patients for the dental school. 

Plans for 2020 are to keep building and keep learning. Another goal is to attend MOM projects and help less fortunate communities. We have our first department outing coming up, which is always a great and fun competitive time.

In February, we’ll be holding a “Thank You!” CE course for all of the referring dentists in the area. All of our residents will be participating.

Hope all is well with you and your families and your practices. Please stay in touch, I love hearing from all of you.

Happy New Year!!

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