An annual tradition during graduation week at VCU School of Dentistry, the Senior Awards Ceremony recognizes students who went above and beyond what was expected of them during their time at the school. This year, 54 awards were given honoring students in our Doctorate of Dental Surgery and Dental Hygiene programs.

Please join us in congratulating the following winners:

Division of Dental Hygiene

Irene E. Newman Award
Destiney Coles

Hufriedy Golden Scaler Award
Kelly Vaughan

Community Dental Hygiene Award
Mary Claryns Truz

Clinical Dental Hygiene Award
Marissa Balducci

Colgate Oral Pharmaceutical STAR Award
Hannah Coley

Perseverance Award
Carrie McKinney

Great Richmond Dental Hygiene Association Award
Samantha Richardson

Sigma Phi Alpha Honorary Fraternity Inductees
Marissa Balducci
Logan Rainey

Outstanding SCADHA Member of the Year
Katarina Jones

Virginia Dental Hygienists’ Association Award
Hannah Coley

American Association of Public Health Dentistry – Dental Hygiene Award
Marshall Dixon

Department of Dental Public Health Policy & Community Outreach

Mission of Mercy Awards of Excellence
DH Volunteers – Marshall Dixon & Kelly Vaughan
DDS Volunteers – Carrington Bailey, Firas Sabti, Lindsey Putnam, Bethany Wolpin and Anne Rowe

The Brian D. Stone Memorial Award
Saleh Smadi

Department of Academic Affairs

American Association of Women Dentists Elenor J. Bushee Senior Dental Student Award
Christina Gordon

ASDA Award of Excellence
Quinnie Phan

International College of Dentists’ Humanitarian Award
Najah Lewter

International College of Dentists’ Leadership Award
Joshua McKoy

Department of Endodontics

American Association of Endodontists Award
Alix Kloster Schneider

Department of General Practice

Academy of Dental Materials Awards
Saleh Smadi

Special Care Dentistry Association Award
Amanda Tran

Academy of General Dentistry Senior Student Award
Colin Smith

Academy of Operative Dentistry Award
Marshall Adzima

American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry Award
Zhanna Ali

American Association of Public Health Dentistry – Dental Student Award
Saleh Smadi

Academy of Equilibration Society Award
Melissa Anne Hart

Dr. Francis Merrill Foster, Sr. Award
Jessica McBride

The Quintessence Award for Clinical Restorative Dentistry
Nicole Manfrini

International Digital Dentistry Academy Senior Student Award
Jina Zrik

Oliver Wendell Clough Award
Marko Ilich

Pierre Fauchard Senior Student Award
Quinnie Phan

Excellence in Urgent Care Award
Ronny Khalek

Oral Diagnostic Sciences

American Academy of Oral Medicine Award
Saleh Smadi

American Academy of Orofacial Pain Award
Krishna Goradia

American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology Award
Joanna Scott

American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology
Brett Siegel

Department of Oral Surgery

American Academy of Osseointegration Award
Saleh Smadi

American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Dental Implant Award
Mohamed Nada

International Congress of Oral Implantologists’ Student Achievement Award
Vlad Shukruta

The Daniel M. Laskin Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Senior Student Award
Joshua McKoy

American Dental Society of Anesthesiology Horace C. Wells Award
Jessica McBride

American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons Dental Student Award
Stuart Hentz

Department of Orthodontics

American Association of Orthodontists Award
Nam Ha

Department of Pediatric Dentistry

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Award
Amanda Tran

Department of Periodontics

F.B. Wiebusch Award for Excellence in Periodontics
Marko Ilich

The Quintessence Award for Clinical Achievement in Periodontics
Joanna Scott

American Academy of Periodontology Award
Matthew Brewer

Department of Prosthodontics

American Academy of Implant Dentistry Award
Latifa Alfahdli

H. Edwin Semler Award
Brett Siegel

The Southeastern Academy of Prosthodontics
Quinnie Phan

Whipmix/Hanau Prosthodontics Award
Adriana Martinez

J. Marvin Reynolds Excellence in Prosthodontics Award
Richard Truong

Hugh Douglas Jr. Award
Marko Ilich

American College of Prosthodontics Achievement Award
Zhanna Ali

Philips Institute for Oral Health Research

The Quintessence Award for Research Achievement
Christina Gordon

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