Contributed by Carlos S. Smith, DDS, MDiv, FACD, associate dean of inclusive excellence, ethics and community engagement.

Continuing on our path towards a more inclusive School of Dentistry, we wanted to take a moment and reflect upon PRIDE Month and the recognition of our LGBTQ+ community members—patients, students, staff, and faculty.

Pride is a beacon of hope, lighting the way for future generations to live in a world free from discrimination and bias. It empowers us to create change, challenge norms, and forge a path towards a more inclusive and accepting society.

Not sure of next steps? Check out these resources – Here are a few resources we should all be familiar with to better care for our patients and to understand the lived experience of our LGBT+ friends and colleagues. 

Want more information on pronouns?Gender Pronouns: A Provider’s Guide to Referring to Transgender Patients
Pronouns and Advocacy in Medicine
The inclusivity trap? Asking patients for their pronouns helps us treat them — unless they shut down

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