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Gratitude Interview: Michaela Bearden, Senior Director

Michaela Bearden runs the Center for Corporate Education within the School of Business Foundation. In her role, she develops learning and development curriculum for clients around the world in leadership, management, strategy, and entrepreneurship. As an operational leader, Michaela helps clients assess their current state and identify incremental changes in culture, process, and strategy, to build […]

For Keeps? The Perks and Pitfalls of a Work-From-Home Workforce

Halfway through May, about two months into a national stay-at-home order, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey announced an intriguing scenario for employees – the ability to work from home, permanently. His statement included the following language: “…if our employees are in a role and situation that enables them to work from home and they want to […]

Michaela Bearden: Featured Interview

The CCE’s own Michaela Bearden sat down with the VCU Business blog to discuss successful teambuilding. Check out her words of wisdom in the featured interview here!


My co-worker and I made a commitment to blog. It was something that I was excited to try. I had a lot of ideas, I just couldn’t manage to get them onto paper… I was stuck in the moments just before GO. Do you know how long the pause is between cursor blinks? Best estimate, […]

Honoring Your Personal Brand

If someone walked into your office right now, what assumptions would they make about you and your personal brand? What if they looked at your work? Stop and notice your surroundings. Does the message you communicate verbally align with the message you send through your environment and output? The truth is, our personal environment combined […]