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The Who, the What, and the Where

You’re embarking on a journey! Try to teach yourself to think of your career as an adventure. Like all adventures, parts of your quest to find your sweet spot in career and vocation will prove tedious. It may even be a bit boring, at times even painful, and sometime experiences simply to be endured as […]

Honoring Your Personal Brand

If someone walked into your office right now, what assumptions would they make about you and your personal brand? What if they looked at your work? Stop and notice your surroundings. Does the message you communicate verbally align with the message you send through your environment and output? The truth is, our personal environment combined […]

The One Thing at the Heart of Career Success

Recently I read an article entitled, The 10 Worst Jobs in Science. These distinguished jobs included that of armpit detective, a position at Florida International University to “study human odors, mainly from the underarm, to try to isolate the compounds that give us our unique aroma.” Also listed was the feces piper, a hospital position which involves transplanting […]

Grow or Go

After being hired into my first management position, I moved from the East Coast to Chicago. On my first day of the brand new job, my new boss mentioned in the course of our orientation, “Oh, by the way, I want you to fire Susanna.” As I probed for more clarification, I found out Susanna […]