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Featured Interview: Lori Seay, Fine Metals Corporation

As one of our favorite success stories, Fine Metals Corporation out of Ashland, Virginia, sent multiple members of their small but mighty staff through the Center for Corporate Education for Lean Six Sigma training. Read more from their production manager, Lori Seay, about their experience and how investing in professional development has taken their team […]

Get That Money: Or, How to Ask Your Boss for Professional Development Funds

After days of Googling, clicking, and scrolling, you finally did it: found a professional development program that hits everything you’re looking for. The content is relevant, the facilitator is an expert, and the experience will boost the daylights out of your resume. It’s amazing! It’s perfect! You’re ready to hit that register button! Well, except […]

Find a Job or Start a Business?

Sometimes the best way to reap the value you have developed during the course of your career is to start a new business. You might consider starting your own business if the industry you are coming from has been shrinking and laying off people. You should also consider it if you have advanced well beyond […]

Finding Your Fit

In order to get at what really makes you uniquely you, you need to invest time and energy into self-assessment and learning about the options in the workforce that align with what matters to you. Think about how you chose which college to attend or how you selected your first job. Did you read about […]


My co-worker and I made a commitment to blog. It was something that I was excited to try. I had a lot of ideas, I just couldn’t manage to get them onto paper… I was stuck in the moments just before GO. Do you know how long the pause is between cursor blinks? Best estimate, […]

“Hey there, Boo!” – Examining Your Legacy

You don’t have to be rich and powerful to leave a legacy. You really just have to live life with your eyes open. Many of us brush up against people with needs. We see situations where we can, with a little effort and cost to ourselves, make a dramatic difference in life for other people. […]

Competence & Compassion

One of the primary ways you know you’re in the process of discovering your best self is if you begin to develop competence. Competence serves as a litmus test indicating you are well on the way to finding your sweet spot. If you want to have influence on the people around you, then you need […]

The Who, the What, and the Where

You’re embarking on a journey! Try to teach yourself to think of your career as an adventure. Like all adventures, parts of your quest to find your sweet spot in career and vocation will prove tedious. It may even be a bit boring, at times even painful, and sometime experiences simply to be endured as […]

Grow or Go

After being hired into my first management position, I moved from the East Coast to Chicago. On my first day of the brand new job, my new boss mentioned in the course of our orientation, “Oh, by the way, I want you to fire Susanna.” As I probed for more clarification, I found out Susanna […]