Thanks to the web community for participating in our recent Compass poll! The results are in, and the most-needed features include:

  • People list layout, commonly used for directories
  • Grid system with automated columns to more easily create layouts
  • Visual design for news and events feeds

Page layout variations, a carousel component and social media sharing optimizations also received a fair share of the votes.

In addition to voting on features, participants were able to write in their requests. Comments pointed out a need for social media embeds, as well as support in convincing unit leadership to make the switch to Compass.

Next steps

Our team has heard your feedback loud and clear, and will prioritize your most-needed features for upcoming releases. We also have a “Why Compass” webpage in the works to help you persuade your unit to migrate to Compass, and will continue to plan your feature requests into the roadmap.

Want to send us a feature request?

Send requests or questions anytime to and we’ll follow up. Remember to keep following our progress here on the blog, and stay tuned for an announcement later this month on the Compass 1.1 release.

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