Compass 1.1.0 is now available to the VCU web community! This release includes a new notification component, updates to the sub and breadcrumb navigation, and additional fixes and improvements.

Notification component

The new notification component, also known as an alert or alert banner, creates a colorful banner that can be used to visually distinguish urgent content or highlight responses to user actions. It is available in four variations (default, compact, dismissable and stacked). Learn more about the notification component and how to use it here.

Updated features and fixes

In addition to releasing the notification component, the Compass team has made several updates to the navigation component in version 1.1.0.

Sub navigation variations

There are now variations for the sub navigation:

  • “Sub,” which is the default, will show any child and grandchild pages of the current page, unless there are none, at which it will show siblings and their child pages.
  • The “Sub (no siblings)” option allows no sidebar content to show if child and grandchild pages of the current page do not exist.

These variations can be toggled within the Compass core repository by setting nav.sub.siblings in components.json to true or false, respectively.

Breadcrumb styling and functionality updates

The breadcrumb navigation will now always keep at least two links visible to users. If the user is more than three levels deep into a site, the first link within the breadcrumb navigation — titled “More” — will double as a drop-down menu to show the full breadcrumb list once clicked.

Learn more about the sub and breadcrumb navigation.

Additional updates

Other changes you will find in version 1.1.0:

  • Reduced motion accessibility features in the accordion, header and modal components
  • Utility classes for text alignment, list styles and general spacing adjustments
  • Form with styling options (documentation on this feature coming soon; for now, visit the example on the Compass production site)
  • Footer updates including:
    -“Sticky footer” use (footer “sticking” to the bottom of the page) if the main content is smaller than the screen height
    -Optimized SVG files for the VCU seal

Need help?

If you have questions about Compass, reach out to our team on the VCU digital community Slack channel, where we discuss Compass and other digital initiatives, or send us a message at

Compass version 1.1.0 (Change Management #7471) has been approved by the Change Advisory Board (CAB) and has followed Technology Services’ Change Management protocol.

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