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Compass 1.7.0

The latest version of Compass comes with visual enhancements, bug fixes, UX improvements, and the newest set of Font Awesome icons. These changes will be rolled out the first week of May 2022. Components Accordion Drop-shadows were removed in favor of solid borders for better visual coherence with the rest of the framework. The chevron […]

Compass 1.6.0

The Compass web framework is now available in version 1.6.0. This version was released the week of Jan.10th, 2022. Since this past release cycle had a short duration (due to VCU winter break), we focused on enhancements, debugging and minor updates. Recent updates listed below: Utilities Marker Paragraphs and selections with the marker class and […]

Compass 1.5.0: Enhancements

The October 2021 release of the Compass web framework introduces numerous enhancements to improve existing elements. This release cycle also included ‘work in progress’ on a new Carousel component that is intended for a future release. A reminder about the Patterns section Patterns are examples/guidelines on how to use multiple resets, utilities and components in […]

Pattern guide, accessibility updates and more in Compass 1.4.0

The July 2021 release of Compass – The University Web Framework introduces two new features: a patterns guide and the area component.  Compass 1.4.0 also includes updates to existing content types, with a strong focus on providing better accessibility to users who rely on assistive technology. With this release, Compass now meets most WCAG 2.1 […]

Compass 1.3.0 to feature component updates

Between April 5 and April 9, VCU Technology Services and University Relations will release the latest round of updates for Compass – The University Web Framework. While this upcoming release does not introduce any new components, the Compass team has made significant improvements to existing ones.  Here’s what you can expect: Component updates Breadcrumb Dropdown […]

Compass 1.2.0 releasing this week

This week, VCU Technology Services and University Relations will be rolling out the latest version of Compass – The University Web Framework. Along with some improvements to existing features, our latest release includes two new components: Tabs and grid system.  All updates will be available to the VCU web community by end-of-day Friday, Dec. 18. […]

What’s new in Compass 1.1.0

Compass 1.1.0 is now available to the VCU web community! This release includes a new notification component, updates to the sub and breadcrumb navigation, and additional fixes and improvements. Notification component The new notification component, also known as an alert or alert banner, creates a colorful banner that can be used to visually distinguish urgent […]