The Compass web framework is now available in version 1.6.0.

This version was released the week of Jan.10th, 2022. Since this past release cycle had a short duration (due to VCU winter break), we focused on enhancements, debugging and minor updates.

Recent updates listed below:



  • Paragraphs and selections with the marker class and a heading class now render as expected.
  • All marker utility selectors have been simplified to be more readable and maintainable.



  • The footer can now handle phone-numbers with alphabetical characters and country codes for the phone/fax fields.1
  • The “View Text Version” standards link has been removed.


  • The search modal on mobile will now appear correctly when no quick-links are present.



  • The recommended LTS version of Node.js has been bumped to v16.13.0 (Gallium).
  • The recommended version of NPM has been bumped to v.8.1.2.
  • All dependencies have been updated to a newer version.
  • SASS modules providing maps now explicitly use string keys per the recommendations of the SASS team.
  • The shared SCSS style module has been updated to improve the style.darken(…) and style.lighten(…) functions to take primary color keywords in addition to regular color values.
  • The shared SCSS style module has a new style.opacity(…) function that bootstraps the native rgba(…) CSS function and allows for primary color keywords and proper percentages.
  • Error and warning handling in SCSS modules has been improved to provide better, more contextual feedback.


  • The published package of Compass core, cwf, is now of type module. This means import/export (ESM) is used for Node.js functionality instead of require/module.exports (CommonJS), dropping the need to transpile anything during runtime.
  • CommonJS versions of shared JS modules are packaged to ensure compatibility.
  • The marked and faker packages are listed as dependencies instead of development dependencies, meaning they’re installed alongside the cwf package.
  • CSS versions of component, reset, and utility SCSS are packaged to ensure flexibility.
  • A new phone(string) function has been added to the shared transform JS module; This now parses phone-numbers with alphabetical characters and country codes for use within link HREFs.1


Page Layout

  • The page layout will now indicate a full-text page in the page title, navigation, and breadcrumb. This will use whatever field is set to generate the full-text filename (which is the “Name” field by default).
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