As each semester comes to a close, we try and assess the effectiveness of our classroom technology presentation system in meeting our faculty’s instructional needs.  This semester has undoubtedly been challenging in several new ways and we know that these challenges brought new and creative uses of our classroom systems as faculty have had to adapt. We would greatly appreciate any feedback you could provide about the classroom technology by responding to our survey which is linked below

Fall 2020 Central Classroom Technology Faculty Survey

Every semester the responses to our survey are reviewed and system adjustments are made often based on feedback provided here.  This survey will be equally, if not more critical as we move forward trying to determine if the teaching style changes we’ve gone through over the past year may affect future classroom technology needs.  We would greatly appreciate your feedback as soon as possible as we are working currently on plans for updates in classrooms for next year. This survey will be available for your response between November 19, 2020, and December 18, 2020. 

If you would like to provide feedback about your Centrally Supported Classroom’s physical conditions, we’ve created a separate brief survey for this purpose.  A link to it will also be available at the end of the Classroom Technology Survey.  Central Classroom Facilities Survey

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