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Spring 2024 Classroom Technology Faculty Survey

Every semester we reach out to give our faculty a classroom users the opportunity to give feedback on how our classroom systems are meeting your instructional needs. This semester’s survey will be open from April 19th through May 17th. Please follow the link below to take the survey! Spring 2024 Central Classroom Technology Survey

Fall 2023 Central Classroom Technology Survey

It’s that time of year again! If you teach in one of our Centrally Managed Classrooms on MCV or the Monroe Park Campus, we want to hear from you! Please fill out the following survey to let us know how the classroom technology is meeting your needs. Fall 2023 Central Classroom Technology Survey

New Classroom Technology Website

New for the fall 2023 semester, Academic Technologies has updated our central classroom technology support website, Have you ever wondered: Who do I call when I need help with my Central Classroom? What equipment is in my classroom? How do I request training on how to use my classroom system? How do I report […]

Monroe Park Campus New Wireless Microphone Systems

Over the summer we updated the wireless microphone systems on the Monroe Park Campus. For a list of classrooms that have wireless microphone transmitters, please visit our wireless microphone resource page. You can reserve a wireless microphone that works with your classrooms online using the IT Support Center’s online equipment checkout system and then pick […]

Spring 2023 Classroom Technology Survey

Please take our classroom technology survey designed to collect feedback from the faculty using our classroom technology. If you taught in one of our central classrooms during the spring 2023 semester, please consider clicking the link below to take our survey. Thank you!

Fall 2022 Central Classroom Technology Survey

It’s that time of year again! If you are a faculty member who teaches in one (or multiple) of our centrally managed classrooms on the Monroe Park or MCV campuses we need to hear from you! The following survey will be live from December 9th, 2022 until January 16, 2023. It covers topics like, “How […]

Zoom Restored

From our Zoom Administrator: “Access has been restored to VCU Zoom.  You should be able to log in at vcu.zoom.usAt this point, the exact nature of the outage is still unknown, but it seems to have affected a large number of Zoom users including other VA universities and is not limited to Zoom itself but affects […]

VCU Zoom Inaccessible

From our Zoom Administrator: "VCU Zoom is currently inaccessible for unknown reasons. We are working with the vendor to find a solution asap. In the interim, please consider using Google Meet as an alternative for your classes and meetings. We will keep you updated as soon as we know more." Further updates will be posted […]

Spring 2022 Central Classroom Technology Survey

Greetings Faculty, The link below is to our survey that gives you the opportunity to provide feedback related to the effectiveness of the technology in Central Classrooms as well as your satisfaction with our team’s service and responsiveness.  The feedback you give to this survey weighs heavily on future technologies we integrate into spaces moving […]

Network Service Maintenace Update

Network Services worked with representatives from the University Computer Center and the vendor to insert the replacement equipment into operation overnight. The router is operational but the teams will continue monitoring over the next few days and will likely make additional configuration changes. Please contact the IT Support Center at or 804.828.2227 should any issues arise […]

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