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Network Services Maintenance Scheduled for March 1

Network Services will be replacing a network router on Tuesday, March 1, at 2 a.m. The four-hour scheduled maintenance window may disrupt network and telephone services and access to some VCU services. Telecommunications Services is working with their customers to ensure that telephone services will still be available for some campus services. To monitor the […]

Wireless Presentation System Issues

As of 4 pm today, we believe that all wireless presentation systems in Centrally Supported Classrooms have been restored to proper functionality. We are actively going through all of them to verify as the room schedule allows. Feel free to resume the use of the wireless system. While we believe the issue has been resolved, […]

Wireless Presentation System Update

Good afternoon, After another long day of troubleshooting, I believe we have found a stable solution to our issue.  We have tested multiple central devices that have remained stable for the better part of the day.  Given the nature of the previous issue (not presenting itself immediately all the time), we are monitoring these devices […]

Wireless Presentation Issue continues

Good afternoon, After reviewing the deployment package extracted from one of the failed VIAs yesterday, we had another session with the VIA development team engineer this morning to implement an adjustment that they expected would address the issue.  The deployment of updates required communication to be reestablished between any VIAs that are offline with the management server. In […]

Update on Continued Wireless Presentation System Issues

Good afternoon Wireless Presentation Users, We wanted to give you an update on the situation with our wireless presentation systems.  This morning we had a lengthy session with the manufacturer’s development engineer. They expect something went wrong with the deployment package and have collected a copy of what the Via gateway received in order to analyze it […]

Wireless Presentation System Issues

We are currently working with the manufacturer of the wireless presentation system to identify and resolve an issue that is affecting several wireless presentation devices across campus. It is known to have affected most of the classroom presentation devices. Until we are able to address the issue, the wireless presentation system may not be available. […]

Fall Semester Classroom Resources Reminder

I wanted to take a minute to remind you of some classroom resources available to you for teaching in our centrally managed classrooms.  All of the information below is available at any time by visiting our website at List of Central Classrooms By Campus MCV Campus Central Classrooms Monroe Park Campus Central Classrooms Each […]

UPDATED: SafeNet Wireless Authentication Issues

UPDATE: Network Services has implemented a temporary fix to restore wireless connectivity for SafeNet and Eduroam network SSIDs. The team is still working with the vendor to resolve the original issue. We received the following alert from VCU Network Services.  “We are experiencing authentication issues on SafeNet wireless this morning. Network Services believes this is related to […]

Spring 2021 Central Classroom Technology Faculty Survey

As each semester comes to a close, we like to assess the effectiveness of our classroom technology presentation systems in meeting our faculty’s instructional needs.  As this semester continued our charge to educate during the pandemic, it has also given us opportunities to look to the future of our educational spaces.  It is for this reason that […]

New Adobe Creative Cloud Pricing Starts May 15th

Starting May 15th, students can gain access to Creative Cloud for the summer semester for $7, and access for the Fall and Spring for $15 a semester in a deal that includes Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Animator, Audition and more, as well as free assets from the Adobe Stock library of graphics, photos and videos. […]

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