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June 2024 CIO Update

Happy Fiscal Year End! First, thank you to all of the Technology Services staff working diligently and often outside of normal business hours (even more than usual) to make sure the current fiscal year closes and the new one starts with no issues. This is extremely important to our partners across VCU and is crtitical […]

April 2024 CIO Update

Happy Spring! This month, I’d like to feature a significant change to our web application infrastructure as well as some updates on major projects. New Dyn System / Docker For a decade, many of VCU’s most prolific web applications have been stored on an unassuming server cluster called “Dyn”, alongside its sibling, “sDyn.” As the […]

February 2024 CIO Update

Happy Leap Day! For this month’s report, I would like to highlight a fairly large change we are instituting next month to enhance security while continuing to modernize our authentication systems and processes. Embracing Enhanced Security: Transitioning to DUO Universal Prompt with Verified Push As we navigate the evolving landscape of cybersecurity, it’s paramount that […]

January 2024 CIO Update

The new year has already been extremely busy for Technology Services, and with the upcoming migration to the new Technology Operations Center (TOC), the high level of activity will most definitely continue. Following please see an update on the TOC as well an overview of two important services we provide. TOC and Data Center Migration […]

November 2023 CIO Update

I hope everyone had a pleasant and restful Thanksgiving holiday! As we begin to close out the calendar year and Fall semester, I would like to feature two exciting new services coming on-line, both of which are the result of great collaboration across Technology Services. Revolutionizing Course Management: Ellucian ILP Meets Canvas In collaboration with […]

October 2023 CIO Update

As the kitschy flag on my neighbor’s house says, Happy Fall Y’all! For this month’s entry, I would like to highlight some thoughts from VCU Chief Information Security Officer Dan Han as we transition into our more modern security architecture as well as provide some insight into Technology Services’ role in the launch of the […]

September 2023 CIO Update

With the fall semester in full swing, I would like to share some updates around new services that have been implemented. New Student Technology Website In May 2023, Academic Technologies launched the new VCU Student Technology website at, which replaced the former Student Computer Initiative website. The new site is different from the old […]

August 2023 CIO Update

Welcome to the 2023-24 academic year! It’s so exciting to see one of our largest entering classes in history begin to settle into the VCU community. The VCU Technology Services team has been hard at work preparing for the new year and is now fully engaged in welcoming and supporting all of our students, staff, […]

July 2023 CIO update

Please accept my apologies for my not so brief hiatus from producing the monthly CIO blog. I am back on track to produce a monthly update, and I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions moving forward. Following please find updates on Google Workspace and our IT Governance process. Google Workspace Storage Changes Coming Traditionally, Google […]

September 2022 CIO Update

We are well into the Fall semester here and it is now finally starting to feel like Fall outside. For this month’s entry, I would like to provide an update on the IT Governance process as well as remind everyone of an exciting upcoming event. IT Governance, the next generation For more than 9 years, […]

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