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January 2021 CIO Update

Happy New Year! With the Spring semester just starting, I would like to highlight some changes to Google that will help to enhance our community’s virtual experience, and I will also feature one of our projects to enhance safety for those of us here in person. Google continues to add features to enhance remote collaboration […]

December 2020 CIO Update

As the VCU Winter Break approaches, I want to say THANK YOU to all of the IT staff across VCU who have played such a critical role in keeping VCU running, making VCU safe, and supporting tens of thousands of people learning, working, and receiving care. This year has certainly demonstrated how critical technology is […]

November, 2020 CIO Update

I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday! This month I would like to highlight the Campus Card Services area of Technology Services, which has been particularly challenged this year. Campus Card Services Navigates the Pandemic When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the campus to move to remote learning and work, the Campus Card […]

October, 2020 CIO Update

Since this month is Cybersecurity Awareness month, I’d like to remind everyone of some easy ways to stay secure. I am also happy to highlight our expansion of Zoom services as VCU continues to operate in a much more virtual way. Cybersecurity Awareness Month Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have […]

September, 2020 CIO Update

As we continue the Fall semester in our state of “new normal,” I thought I would share how the IT Support Center has adapted to operating in our current environment as well as highlight a now 10 year-old service. The IT Support Center In A Pandemic In a normal environment, the IT Support Center (ITSC) […]

July 2020 CIO Update

As we approach the beginning of what will be a very different academic year, I thought I would highlight some major changes that we’ve been involved with over the summer in Technology Services. Construction on Campus  Below touches on progress made in a few of the many network expansion projects we are working on, but […]

June, 2020 CIO Update

Happy Fiscal Year End! For this month’s entry I will take a break from COVID-related projects and focus on one highlight from this fiscal year and one of our largest projects moving into next fiscal year: ITCC Year 1 Today marks the last day of the inaugural year of the Information Technology Career Community (ITCC).   Following […]

April, 2020 CIO Update

Here we are at the end of Spring semester and the end of our first full month in COVID-19 quarantine mode. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, particularly those designated employees who are still physically on-site every day, Technology Services continues to serve the needs of students, staff, faculty, and the Health System in both “normal” […]

March 2020 CIO Update

If you can read this, in addition to thanking a teacher, thank an IT professional.  Today’s circumstances are certainly a reminder of how reliant we are on technology and the crucial role technology can play in extreme circumstances.  When I reflect back on the past few weeks and see all that has been accomplished by […]

February 2020 CIO Update

Happy almost Leap Day!  For this month’s entry, I am sharing some information on the remote parts of our campus network, and I’m also happy to highlight a new wireless presentation solution recently introduced by Academic Technologies. Wide Area Networks VCU Network Services recently completed the migration of circuits supporting ten remote sites to a […]

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