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We are well into the Fall semester here and it is now finally starting to feel like Fall outside. For this month’s entry, I would like to provide an update on the IT Governance process as well as remind everyone of an exciting upcoming event.

IT Governance, the next generation

For more than 9 years, we have had an IT Governance process that has helped VCU prioritize IT investments, avoid duplication of effort, and purchase accessible and secure technology solutions. However, to address the growing number of procurements along with the desire from our constituency to make the process easier, we are now working to implement an expanded IT governance structure and a separate technology procurement process. The overall goal of this redesign is to ensure these new processes are accessible to all, operationally efficient, engage stakeholders across VCU, are transparent, incorporate strategic and cost-conscious decision-making, and align IT procurements, initiatives and planning with the goals of VCU. 

Goals of IT Governance:

  • Aligning IT decisions with the mission and strategic plan of the VCU community and the needs of faculty, students, staff, researchers.
  • Established framework that allows for broader collaboration and coordination amongst executive leadership, subject matter experts, IT departments, faculty, staff, students and VCU Health system stakeholders in the IT Governance process.
  • A more approachable submission, review and decision-making workflow improving stakeholder confidence, competency and overall value of the process. 
  • Increased collaboration, transparency, informed decision-making, and more efficient planning, resourcing, and management of IT investments across the University.
  • Increased planning, design, resourcing and support of enterprise IT solutions utilized across MBUs.
  • Greater financial savings through reduction in duplicative IT investments, and increased purchasing of institutional rather than departmental IT solutions and licenses, ensuring best stewardship of state funding, student tuition dollars, etc.
  • Established technology procurement process which would ensure required accessibility, security and other IT compliance reviews occur for IT procurements. 
  • Continuing to integrate security, accessibility and other risk management practices and mitigations into IT procurement decision-making.

Deliverables of the Redesign:

  • New governance committee structure and workflow to include a high level Executive Review Committee to review top level items, with subgroups to review items relevant to expertise/area (ex: Infrastructure group, Teaching and Learning group, Research group, etc).
  • New IT Governance process (and eventual standard or policy) for strategic portfolio review of high impact IT investments including a scorecard/matrix that determines how investments are reviewed and processed through the IT governance structure and subcommittees.
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities of central IT and IT units in the redesigned IT Governance and Technology Procurement process to increase coordination, communication and management of the needs of University stakeholders. 
  • Communication plan to stakeholders to educate and capture buy-in for the new process.
  • Separated operational technology procurement review process for day-to-day, low impact University technology purchases (reviewing for security, accessibility, infrastructure, cloud service integration requirements, etc).
Key MilestonesTarget Date
Research Phase, Institutional Interviews and Task Force Creation09/08/22
Finalize Goals, Deliverables, Stakeholder Matrix and Project Plan09/15/22
First Draft Complete of High Level Structure, Process Workflows and Scorecard10/31/22
Start of feedback phase11/1/22
Completion of feedback phase01/31/23
Finalized structure, process and policy/standard after feedback phase02/28/23
Completion of tool buildout of process workflow, automation, notifications, etc.02/15/23
Testing of process, tool, automation and workflow02/29/23
Website redesign and launch of new IT Governance site02/15/23
Launch of new IT Governance process and committees.03/01/23
Launch of new Technology procurement process.03/01/23

We have assembled a task force to help us through this work and will provide multiple opportunities for feedback as we design and refine our processes. Up to date project information including the project plan, tasks list, Task Force membership, communications plans, etc. can be found on the IT Governance site: Have questions? Please reach out at 

Tech Fair is back!

The annual VCU Tech Fair returns in person after three years! And there will be a virtual option too! VCU Technology Services hosts the fair free for students, faculty, and staff. No registration is required. VCU Technology Services staff will be there to answer questions, showcase technologies, and tell you more about what they do to support you and the university. In addition, enjoy hands-on demonstrations and Q&A from our vendors who provide services to the VCU Community, free bag lunches, and giveaways, courtesy of vendor contributors.

Tech Fair 2016 | VCU Libraries | Flickr

Join us at the Student Commons on October 11 from 10-2 or at the Larrick Student Center on October 12 from 10-2. You can also visit with us virtually on October 12 from 2-4. Visit for all the details.




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