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VCU School of Business faculty member Adolph Brown is named a Fulbright Specialist

The international exchange program will take him to Singapore for research on higher education.

Leveraging Equity in Residential Property to Provide Retirement Income

In this comprehensive study, Associate Professor Pawan Jain from the Department of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate uncovers why so few individuals use home equity release schemes despite their potential to ease financial strains in retirement.

Creating more people-centered, humanistic organizations

In a recent article published in the Academy of Management Review, Associate Professor Chris Reina provides a foundation for transforming business organizations to a more people-centered focus.

Can a statistical technique help the NFL make better draft decisions?

Newly published research by Professor Jason Merrick in Management Science introduces a novel methodology for improving forecasting accuracy by combining expert opinions, even with limited data.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to deliver negative feedback

How a manager frames goals affects an employee’s ensuing performance, finds Lindsay M. Andiola, associate professor of accounting.

How Much do Customer Ordering Practices Drive Medical Supplies Distribution (In)Efficiency for Primary Care Markets?

In examining the intricate relationship between customer ordering and supply chain distribution performance, this study concentrates on the U.S. medical supplies industry, where wholesalers apply substantial data visibility.

From Russia with Fear: Fear Appeals and the Patterns of Cyber-Enabled Influence Operations

Diving into state-sponsored influence operations (IO) on social media and challenging the notion that their sole purpose is to create division, this study reveals a strategic link between these operations and domestic events, such as protests, to manipulate social media for gain.

Overbooked and Overlooked: Machine Learning and Racial Bias in Medical Appointment Scheduling

In using machine learning for appointment scheduling, the challenge arises when certain racial groups have a higher chance of missing appointments. This can lead to these patients being scheduled during busy times, impacting their service experience negatively. To address this, researchers proposed new ways of scheduling that balance the cost and avoid racial disparities.