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After four years, a major change is coming to the morning of August 31st– next Thursday. We’re packing up and shipping off to the new land of mysterious and trendy promises– the CLOUD! What awaits us? Well, less maintenance and administration for the us, but also more frequent updates.

We’ll be imposing a content freeze morning of 31st, starting at 4am– meaning, any content created after 4am, August 31st, on will not be migrated to the cloud when it returns to service around 9:30am the same day.

In the future, you can expect and upcoming update to the Blogs Compass template, along with a few plugin changes to make the lives of our editors a little better. However, in the biggest immediate change will be a new login experience for clients of

We’ll be going from our typical “CAS Manager” login to a new Microsoft Entra ID screen. You’ll continue to login with your eID credentials, it’ll just be a slightly different experience. When logging in via Microsoft Entra ID, please confirm the VCU logo above the “Sign in” input and make sure to use your full email, “” rather than just your eID, “youreid”. The keen eyed observer will also notice the background of the login-screen is an outline of Richmond city proper.

Two juxtaposed login screens, with the first being VCU's typical CAS Manager and the second being a new login screen which belongs to Microsoft's Entra ID.
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