AI Generated image: Digital oil painting of a golden ram floating in clouds, bathing in the sun wearing sunglasses.

Now that is enjoying the full blast of the entire light spectrum from our local star, we’ve got plans. But, we also have one issue to resolve and a consequence we have to work around.

  • Issue: The “Customize” button on each blog is throwing a “500” generic error when accessed. We’re working to resolve this hopefully today, but possibly into next week.
    • Update: 9/1/2023 11:13am – Issue resolved!
  • Consequence: “Generic Accounts” such as can no longer log into
    • Generic Accounts are created in VCU’s “389 Directory” and will not be imported into our Entra ID directory for security reasons. At a high level, it’s because generic accounts are inherently less secure than personal eIDs.
    • Generic Accounts were used by ghost writers– we’ll find a different solution for that usecase.
  • Updates: Our WordPress installation and our plugins are a little outdated. We’ll be issuing weekly updates starting September 11 on both WordPress and our plugins until we’re caught up.

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