Incoming updates, an ongoing issue.

Now that is enjoying the full blast of the entire light spectrum from our local star, we’ve got plans. But, we also have one issue to resolve and a consequence we have to work around.

To infinity and beyond!

After four years, a major change is coming to the morning of August 31st– next Thursday. We’re packing up and shipping off to the new land of mysterious and trendy promises– the CLOUD! What awaits us? Well, less maintenance and administration for the us, but also more frequent updates. We’ll be imposing a content […]

Fall 2019 theme update

On November 25th, 2019 the VCU Blogs theme was updated with a few new features and styles that have been long requested. Removed the hanging banner link that was in the header and directed users to the main page of VCU blogs We’ve added the ability to show the blog description (tag line) in the […]

Unable to Publish Post Issue

A few users have reported issues with publishing posts following the WordPress 5.* update on July 22nd, 2019. To resolve the issue, please ensure you are updating your blog while connected to either VCU’s Rams VPN or VCU SafeNet. Technical description: The request to publish the post is being caught in the server’s Application Security […]

Welcome to VCU Blogs!

If you are a member of the VCU Community, sign in with your eID to create or edit your blog. Please keep in mind VCU Blogs’ primary objective is to provide a space for continual blog updates. For official VCU business, VCU Blogs is not to be used as a replacement to having a primary […]