Image of blogs theme customizer

On November 25th, 2019 the VCU Blogs theme was updated with a few new features and styles that have been long requested.

  • Removed the hanging banner link that was in the header and directed users to the main page of VCU blogs
  • We’ve added the ability to show the blog description (tag line) in the header just under the blog’s main title
  • The header / navigation is no longer sticky to the top as you scroll
  • We’ve fixed a small bug with featured images that were causing the images to stretch in weird proportions
  • We’ve added numerous modifications so that a user can use the WordPress Customizer to edit parts of the theme their blog uses. Users can now:
    • Display a header image below the navigation
    • Set the color of the official VCU branding bar
    • Set a background color for the title menu (gray, white or gold)

To edit your blog’s theme via the Customizer tool, navigate to your blog’s dashboard and click on Appearance > Customize in the sidebar menu. After edits to your theme ensure you hit the Publish button in the top left of the menu to save the changes and make them live.

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