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VCU New Student & Family Programs will launch a bi-monthly webinar series covering a range of topics from New Student Orientation and Move-In to preparing for Commencement and life as an alumni. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback in real time. For those who are unable to watch live, the captioned videos will be shared on this blog and the VCU Families Facebook page a few days after the live webinar. Tune in in August for weekly webinars to kick-off the start of the school year. The August webinars will cover:

Tuesday, August 6 @ 11 am 

Making the Move – Preparing for Move-In

Dr. Megan Becker and Alli Patel, Residential Life and Housing

Lisa Mathews-Ailsworth, Dean of Students Office

This webinar provides families with important information for a successful arrival process. Our presenters will answer all of your questions while highlighting Move-In Day logistics for students living on campus, what to bring, what not to bring, and our Weeks of Welcome festivities. We will also provide advice for families of students choosing to live off campus or commuting about how to get connected with the campus community from a distance.

Tuesday, August 13 @ 11 am 

Paying for College – Understanding and Paying the Tuition Bill

Kelly Coldiron, Student Services

Danielle Mitchell, Student Accounting

KaToya Wagner, Financial Aid

Students finance their education through a combination of scholarships, grants, work-study, loans and personal funds. In this webinar, you’ll learn more about the comprehensive list of financial aid options available to you and your student, as well as important upcoming deadlines to be aware of. We will walk through what a tuition bill looks like and how to understand each charge. We will also walk you through the process for becoming an authorized user on your student’s financial account so that you are able to login to see the bill and make payments on your student’s behalf if necessary. Lastly, we will review information about submitting the annual FAFSA form, which you can begin submitting in October.

Tuesday, August 20 @ 11 am

Weeks of Welcome – How to Navigate the First 6 Weeks

Lauren Henry, University Student Commons and Activities

Dr. Derek Hottell, Recreational Sports

The first six weeks are full of challenge and excitement as students begin to learn about their new role as an adult while balancing that with a new social scene and academic expectations. In this webinar, you’ll learn about how your student can get involved on campus and in the city of Richmond. Some students will soon embark on the fraternity or sorority recruitment process while others may want to explore student clubs, organizations or recreational sports or fitness offerings. Information about nationwide positive and negative trends surrounding involvement, alcohol, drugs, and other hot topics will be shared to help you figure out how to proactively support your student during this time of transition. We will also walk you through how to navigate the Division of Student Affairs website so that you can direct your student to the appropriate resources during this important time of transition.

Tuesday, August 27 @ 11 am

Adulting and Your Student – You and Your Student’s Rights and Responsibilities

Rocky Carmine, Student Conduct and Academic Integrity

Officer Jonathan Wade, VCU Police

As your student enters the world of adulthood, navigating the rights and responsibilities they now have and understanding new limitations on your rights over them can be tricky. This webinar will education you about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and discuss what it means for you. We will be joined by representatives from Student Conduct and Academic Integrity as well as VCU Police who will help you to learn more about their role on campus and the rights and responsibilities of your student as a new member of the VCU community. Students often aren’t familiar with these departments until they are in trouble, but they provide many resources and services your student should take advantage of in order to be part of a safe and healthy campus community.

For a full list of webinar dates and topics please visit the New Student & Family Programs website.

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