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Earlier this week, VCU Police announced the approved expansion of their department’s shared jurisdiction with the Richmond Police Department in the city’s downtown area. While this expansion doesn’t change the layout or geography of our campuses, it does allow VCU Police to work more closely with community members downtown, and to respond to incidents in VCU owned/ controlled buildings that were previously out of their jurisdiction.

Immediate changes you and your student will experience include:

  • All reported criminal incidents that occur within the new jurisdiction will be included on the¬†daily incident log¬†within two business days. The daily incident log is available to the public on the VCU Police website.

  • Reported crimes that occur at VCU owned or controlled buildings or properties downtown that may represent a serious or ongoing threat to the university community on the Monroe Park Campus or MCV Campus will prompt a timely warning/crime alert, or public safety advisory, to students, faculty and staff. These notifications are intended to enable individuals to take reasonable precautions for their safety.

As always, VCU Police will continue to use systems like the LiveSafe app to monitor submissions and VCU Alerts to send out timely incident reports and crime notifications. If you are not currently receiving VCU Alerts and would like to sign-up, please visit The LiveSafe mobile app, a safety resource and free reporting tool, can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices.

For more information, please view the email sent out earlier this week to both the VCU and VCU Health Communities.

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