Congratulations Dr. Shijun Zhang

Dr. Shijun Zhang, awarded a multi-disciplinary CCTR grant (‘Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease progression by modulating ROS generation from brain mitochondria’) with co-PI Qun Chen of Internal Medicine. This is great news!

Congratulations Dr. Umesh Desai!!

Dr. Umesh Desai, Chair, Medicinal Chemistry, awarded a one-year grant under the Commercialization Program from VCU Innovation Gateway (‘A Novel Strategy Targeting a Cellular Protein to Develop Therapies for COVID-19’) with co-PI Paul Fisher of VCU School of Medicine/Massey. This is awesome news!

Congratulations Dr. Yana Cen

Dr. Yana Cen, PHD has been selected for this year’s Jeffress Trust Award for Interdisciplinary Research. The title of her grant application was ‘Determining Enzyme Transition State Using Kinetic Isotope Effects and Computational Analysis’.

Congratulation Dr. Glen E. Kellogg!

Our own Dr. Glen E. Kellogg has been awarded a VCU Commercialization Fund grant as a co-PI. His grant title is “Development of novel chemical inhibitors for Sterol Carrier Protein-2 for correcting dyslipidemia and fatty liver disease” and he is working with Professor Shobha Ghosh of Massey Cancer Center and McGuire VA Medical Center. Great […]