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Congratulation Yan Zhang!

Dr. Yan Zhang was awarded the 2023 National and International Recognition Award by VCU for outstanding accomplishments in the area of opioid and related research. Prof. Zhang’s research has been funded by multiple grants from the National Institutes of Health with major successes in 2023. His lab has published numerous papers on developing antagonists for opioid […]

Chemical designed by Guo launches as tool for cholesterol research, drug discovery

A chemical designed by Youzhong Guo, Ph.D., an associate professor in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, has been launched on the market. The chemical, called CHEAPS, maintains both the biochemical properties of cholesterol and the balance of hydrophobic (water-repellant) and hydrophilic (water-attracting) properties necessary for protein and cholesterol interaction research. Guo and his team created this […]

Congratulation to Dr. Shijun Zhang

Hello All, I am happy to announce that Shijun has just received a major new grant award of $600,000 from the ADDF for two years. The title of the grant is  ‘Probing neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s with NLRP3 PET radiotracers’. This is in collaboration with two groups from Harvard/Mass General. Please join me in congratulating him for this […]

Congratulation to Dr. Yan Zhang!

Hello All, I have just come to learn that Dr. Yan Zhang has been awarded  VCU’s newly created 2023 National/International Recognition Award (NIRA). NIRA has been created to honor faculty members who have achieved exceptional recognition in their chosen field in terms of national and/or international accomplishments during the course of the current evaluation period (Jun 2022 to […]

Congratulation to Dr. Martin Safo!

Hello All, I am pleased to inform you that Dr. Safo has been awarded a CCTR Endowment Fund grat for his research project titled “Development of PKLR inhibitors for the treatment of liver cancer”. Dr. Jiong Li is his collaborator on the project. Please join me in congratulating both Profs. Safo and Li and wishing them the best of results on […]

Congratulations Heather on your new arrival son – Carter!

Dr. Heather Pendergrass Damon, has done great things since graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry Department. Heather is currently working for PPD, a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific. In addition, she an Associate Research Scientist with the Research and Development team in the Immunochemistry department. Heather is a contracted researcher that […]