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Thank you to MEDC Faculty

Umesh and Shijun, I would like to acknowledge MEDC’s longstanding excellence in graduate education. MEDC students consistently excel in research and scholarship as indicated by their impactful peer-review publications. MEDC has the most students in the SOP who have submitted F31 applications and now are the first department in the SOP to have a student be awarded an […]

Congratulations to Weihua Qui

Dr. Weihua Qiu, scientist in the laboratory of Youzhong, has been awarded a two-year R21 grant by NIH. The title of her grant is Structural Basis of the Gating Mechanism of Connexin 26 and Related Hearing Loss. Please join me in congratulating her for this early success and in wishing her the very best in terms […]

Congratulations to Rawan Fayyad

Rawan Fayyad’s thesis has been judged the best in the University for the 2021-2022 year by the VCU Graduate School!! She receives the 2021 – 2022 VCU Graduate School Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Previously, the School of Pharmacy judged her work as the best. Her thesis will now compete at the Conference of Southern […]

Congratulations to Dr. Shijun Zhang

Dr Shijun Zhang has been awarded a new grant by the Virginia Center for Aging. The title of hisaward is “Development of NLRP3 PET Radiotracers for AD”. Please join me congratulating him.

Congratulations to Celsey Stahlman

Celsey Stahlman has been awarded an F31 grant. Congratulations!! This is the first F31 for our Department to the best of my knowledge. Congrats to her advisor Dr. Zhang too! I hope this is the first of the many to follow. The title of her grant is Development of a Potential Treatment for Polysubstance Use […]

Congratulations to Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee is the recipient of the 2021 School of Pharmacy Outstanding Employee Recognition Award. Let us all congratulate her and know that what she does for the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, as well as the Institute, reflects on all of us that are a part of this great School of Pharmacy team! When she […]

Congratulations to Dr. Yan Zhang

Dr. Yan Zhang, co-PI on Massey Cancer Center Molecules to Medicines Pilot Award to develop novel Protac probes to treat prostate cancer.

Philanthropy comes easily for this 20-year faculty donor

A source of enduring happinessGiving comes easily for Umesh Desai, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry and director of the Institute for Structural Biology, Drug Discovery and Development in the VCU School of Pharmacy. “To me, it’s obvious. Philanthropy is a mechanism to express gratitude to people and institutions that have contributed to your […]

Congratulations to Claudio Catalano

Claudio Catalano, recipient of the 2021 J. Doyle Smith award from the SoP Department of Medicinal Chemistry, presented to the Ph.D. student who has achieved the greatest distinction in the areas of scholarship, research, teaching and service. Faculty mentors are Glen Kellogg and Youzhong Guo.

Congratulations to Dr. Martin Safo

Dr. Martin Safo, named PI on an R61 grant from NIH, “Targeted Identification of Dual Acting Antisickling Agents for Sickle Cell Disease Therapy,” totaling $575,593.

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