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Soon, we will transition our parking system to license plate recognition (LPR). LPR will completely revolutionize parking at VCU by removing the need for physical parking permits–your license plate will grant you access to your dedicated parking facility.  

Our transition to LPR will occur in phases, with a full launch expected on August 1, 2023. In the months leading up to the official launch, contractors will upgrade the existing gate software at each parking deck and install new cameras. Next month, employees will receive instructions to update their vehicle information in the online parking portal. Students will receive additional information prior to Fall 2023 parking sales. 

We look forward to embarking on this new journey in the months ahead. Investing in LPR will help us manage and enforce our parking inventory across VCU’s campuses more efficiently and create a seamless and safer parking experience for customers. We will continue to keep you updated as the project progresses. In the meantime, you can learn more about LPR by visiting our online FAQs at   

Should you have additional questions or concerns about this project, please contact us at
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