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It is with great excitement that we announce the arrival of our new RamRide buses. Twelve new, 37-seat low-floor transit-style buses will be incorporated into the RamRide fleet on Monday, April 12. The new fleet will be distributed across each RamRide route, accepting 18 riders per bus. To further supplement physical distancing efforts, the existing cutaway minibuses will continue to be utilized in addition to the new transit-style buses. You can view a snapshot of the new vehicles below.

When boarding the new RamRide buses, you will need to flash your VCU ID card to the driver upon boarding. Real-time bus tracking will continue to be available through the RideSystems app and online at

In addition, protecting our riders’ health and safety throughout the pandemic remains our top priority. In addition to implementing physical distancing measures, we still require protective face masks to be worn when boarding and riding all RamRide buses. Masks must be worn correctly throughout the entire duration of the trip, including when disembarking the bus. Passengers not in compliance will be denied RamRide service. Hand sanitizer will also be made available at the front of each bus. You can review the additional steps we are taking to protect passengers during the pandemic at

We look forward to the addition of the new RamRide buses, and sincerely appreciate the level of patience and understanding our customers have shown us throughout the procurement process. We would love to hear from you about your experience with the new RamRide buses. You can submit questions, concerns and comments at

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